Former prisoners deserve chance to find gainful employment

I talk about poverty issues a lot and hear the same question all the time: “Why don’t they just get a job?”Many people won’t ask the question straight out, but the underlying assumptions always seem to bubble up: “If they would just get a job and work hard, they wouldn’t be poor.”Of course if I’m moving out of poverty, I need a job, but it’s not always as simple as it sounds. However, this week Gov. Deal has made it a...

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Is Karen Handel’s high school degree OK?

It was 2009 and I was pretty excited. Secretary of State Karen Handel was coming to LaGrange College as my guest speaker for Constitution Day. I was sure to have a packed audience. There was just one issue.I always ask my guest speakers to talk about how they went from being a college graduate to their current position in politics, business, or wherever they ended up. “That way, somebody doesn’t think that you’re all born on Mount Olympus, that you started somewhe...

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Fuzzy Zoeller always welcome at Masters

AUGUSTA – Masters champions keep coming back. Augusta is home. There is no place where they are more welcomed. They are easily recognized in their green jackets, their graying hair and mid-sections more ample than in their days of yore.

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How kissing Congressman ruined Rand Paul’s attack on Hillary

Rand Paul has attacked Hillary Clinton for having a husband who took advantage of a staffer. But conservative GOP Rep Vance McAllister just ruined Sen. Paul’s main argument against former Sen. Hillary Clinton with his shenanigans.Kentucky Sen. Paul, who is likely to run for president in 2016, started the line of attack against his likely Democratic opponent, Hillary Clinton. Paul has chosen a unique line of attack. Instead of going after Hillary, who has plenty of baggage fro...

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Hank Aaron’s historic homer on April 8: Heroes And Villains

If Hollywood were to do a movie about Hank Aaron’s life, there would be heroes and villains, just like the movie “42” about Jackie Robinson’s life. But this time, the characters playing those roles would be different.When Hank Aaron sought to break Babe Ruth’s record, he spent the 1973 season zeroing in on the record. But he came up just shy of setting the mark, ending the year with 713 home runs. That made it a tough offseason for “Hammerin̵...

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Smoke abusing children

As a smoker inhales and exhales, there is a plume of smoke that arises from their lips. Written in that exhaled smoke is a message from their lungs, the smoke speaks of danger and death. I understand that smoking is an addiction, more so a compulsion, that helps one manage the stress and trauma of life. But holy cow it’s April 2014. How is it possible that anyone who reads, writes, and understands English (even Yankee English) can continue to ignore the irrefutable truth? Smoking kills!...

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Take me out to the ballgame

CLEARWATER, Fla. – Every spring when baseball training camps are in full swing, I think about the times when I was a farm boy wondering what it might be like to actually lay eyes on a big league baseball player.

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Why some in the Republican Party are warming up to Vladimir Putin

As Russia moved to annex Crimea after Ukrainians deposed their president, American sanctions were looming on the horizon. Russia’s economy teetered on the brink. But nearly a month has gone by, and there are no economic sanctions thanks to Congress. Here are several possible reasons why.Putin appears to be a conservative.I’ve had a local person tell me before the Ukraine episode that Putin is a deeply religious person, visiting special shrine...

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Technology replacing ‘Family Time’

I remember it clearly as if it were yesterday – my first glimpse of television (TV), that marvelous new world of moving pictures in the home.It was a Saturday, I believe in 1952. I had played baseball all morning and I had just returned from the Hudson Theatre in Harrison N.J. – where I had watched 25 cartoons and a full-length “Tarzan” feature (the one where he meets Jane) – had a bag of pop-corn — all for twenty-five cents. As always – da...

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Ah, but ain’t that America … for you and me

“Ah but ain’t that America for you and meAin’t that America somethin’ to see babyAin’t that America home of the free, yeahLittle pink houses for you and me”March 22 doesn’t mean much nationwide. But it’s important to see what it was in the South nearly 50 years ago, and what it means today.

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Why did they have to go?

Dear Editor,With the signature of an elected official or maybe a voice vote of a group of officials, two more historic landmarks in LaGrange have been destroyed in the last couple of weeks.I am referring to City Pool and City Park ballfield. I understand and appreciate that “progress” must occur, but I disagree it has to be at the expense of our heritage.Both City Pool and City Park have been a significant part of the lives of gene...

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Editorial: As Mayberry goes, so goes America

If the South cares to learn a “what not to do” lesson from the North, it will begin formulating a strategy to turn back heroin trafficking before the drug drives ol’ Dixie down.Interviews with local law enforcement and health officials by 35 Civitas Media newspapers in 12 states found big differences between heroin’s addictive grip on northern states as opposed to those in the South.Heroin addiction in the North is about:• Mexican...

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Please help me – I’m angry..

Bubba reached out and grab his son Jimmy Bob by his shirt collar and spun him around – “don’t ignore me boy, I’m talkin’ to you.” Jimmy Bob pulled Bubba’s hand away, taking a few steps backwards, while leaning into his dad responded, “What’d I do? You’re always telling me what I do wrong, how disappointed you are in me – how I displease you and I’m tired of it. Did you ever stop and tell me how much you love me? Hell no n...

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