What has Gov. Deal stood for?

*Ethics: Egregious ethical violations concerning Holly Berge, His executive Director for the Ethics Committee (Atlanta Journal-Constitution)*Jobs: 3.8 Million jobs were lost in 2008. Georgia was hard-hit and our governor was not helpful. Middle-incomefamilies in Georgia dropped their level of earning twice as fast as in other states. In August of 2013, records show that the unemployment rate spiked in Georgia.*Educatio...

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Michelle Nunn versus David Perdue for US Senate

I recently heard a story about a young Georgia voter who was very confused about whether to vote for Democrat Michelle Nunn or Republican David Perdue for U.S. Senator from Georgia to succeed Republican Saxby Chambliss, who is retiring. She decided to seek advice from her father. He said the answer to her dilemma was two words, Harry Reid.

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If I only had a …

Just several years ago, my granddaughter – Christina, was singing softly while on the short ride for a sleep-over at Nanny and Pop Pop’s. I asked her to sing louder and she did. The words were from the Wizard of Oz – “Somewhere over the Rainbow”. As I listened to her sing – the words from a less famous song came into my mind – “If I only had a…”Oh, go ahead, you know the tune.

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1964: City brings in over $3 M revenue

Octobers past, 50 years ago.From LaGrange Daily News, 1964.Front Page News:City of LaGrange is $3 Million Business — “In 1964, the city of LaGrange is a $3,072,624.12 business.”Mayor Gardner Newman made this statement to the Kiwanis Club in LaGrange on Thursday. He added, “Utilities bring in $2,126,000; Ad Valorem taxes $534,000; beer taxes $66,000, and parking meters $30,00...

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The Beatitudes of Revelation

In a recent article I mentioned that I am currently teaching through the book of Revelation in our Sunday evening lessons at the church of Christ Northside.There are several ways to study through this great book of Scripture. In our Sunday evening lessons we will be going through the book scene-by-scene, chapter-by-chapter. However, it could be taken in several different groupings of sevens. For example, there are the “seven churches” (Rev. 2-3), the “seven seals&...

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Fall musings

Fall has come upon us. The gentle pinks of the sourwoods and black gums greet us as we drive to work each morning. Soon the yellows of the poplars and the gold of the hickories will greet us as well.Troup County resides on the edge of what is called the fall line and the French called the “Piedmont,” or foothills. This line stretches across Georgia somewhat diagonally from Columbus to Augusta.The “fall line” has nothing to do with the season but r...

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How Campbell Brown’s education reform group will anger Republicans

Republicans no doubt cheered when the Vergara v. California decision was handed down, axing teacher tenure. And they’ll no doubt be pleased by former CNN Anchor Campbell Brown’s attack on teacher tenure, with her education reform group called the “Partnership for Educational Justice.”But Brown’s education reform group, which uses “equality in education” as its mantra to justify getting rid of teacher tenure, may open the door for equality f...

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Safety is paramount for student athletes

Few things are as sacrosanct to so many people as high school football.That’s what makes the decision by a New Jersey school to shut down the season in response to allegations of sexual abuse all that more empowering.Nothing — or no one — should be above the safety of students. To condone the alleged actions of players through inaction would be a travesty. For others not to use this lesson to reflect on their own teams would be a lost opportunity....

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Jason Carter: ‘The amateur’

The title of this article is also the title of a best seller written last year about President Barack Obama. With some of the lowest approval ratings of any president this title helps to explain some of the reasons why. Now, as voters choose between Republican Gov. Nathan Deal and Democrat State Senator Jason Carter, the grandson of Jimmy Carter, we have an amateur running for governor of Georgia.In many ways Obama and Carter are alike. A governor and a president must be decisive a...

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Defining grace, its biblical role in salvation

The word “grace” in the New Testament is from a Greek word that means, “to show kindness to someone, with the implication of graciousness on the part of the one showing such kindness” (Louw & Nida).Most people use the simple definition of “a free gift.” The Complete Word Study Dictionary of the New Testament defines it as, “a favor done without expectation of return; the absolutely free expression of the loving kindness of God…”...

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1939: Highway connecting counties opens with motorcade

Octobers past, 75 years ago.From LaGrange Daily News, 1939.Front Page NewsMotorcade Commemorates New Road — With approximately 150 automobiles in the procession the “Hello Meriwether” motorcade, commemorating not only the completion of the 19-mile modern highway between Greenville and LaGrange, but efforts of Meriwether and Troup county officials who, for the past 20 years have been endeavor...

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Science behind splendor of fall leaves changing

At this time of the year many people travel to north Georgia to enjoy the fall colors.The pastor of our church went all the way to Burlington, Vermont, to view the changing of the seasons. You can identify trees species in the fence lines and tree lines by their colors.The bright golden yellow of the hickories and soft pinks of the sassafras are readily visible. Scarlet oaks proclaim their name brilliantly. The scenic highways will be full with tourists especially in the...

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1914: New mill to be built, community opens to delegates

Octobers past, 100 years ago.From The LaGrange Reporter, 1914.Front Page NewsCharter for $500,000 Mill — The “Hillside Cotton Mill” will be the name of the big half-million dollar cotton mill to be built in or near LaGrange, organization of which was begun a few weeks ago.Among those who will be most active in the management are ‘Messrs. Fuller E. Callaway, C.V. Truitt, S.Y....

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What everybody ought to know

There are many things that we all know. We call such things “common knowledge” because they are so widely known and understood.Such things are just taken for granted and when we base our actions on them we don’t really give it any thought. It’s like tying our shoes or riding a bike – we don’t really think about it, we just do it.Every time we bend down to tie our shoes we don’t consciously think about looping and tucking the lace...

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Getting garden ready for winter

This might be better titled “Getting ready for spring.” Many of the things that we do now will make our spring gardening much more enjoyable.An old remedy for dull shovels was to recycle old motor oil in a bucket filled with sand. As you push and pull the shovel in and out of the sand it cleans the rust off and brightens it like new. It also coats the shovel with a light coating of oil, which will prevent rust.For those who love power tools, an angle grinder ...

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What has Gov. Deal stood for?

*Ethics: Egregious ethical violations...

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