Gilmore wrong about DASH

Dear Editor,As the Executive Director of DASH for LaGrange, Inc., I took exception to information presented in Mr. Bill Gilmore's letter to the editor “Property tax increase for 2015” that appeared in the July 14th addition of the LaGrange Daily News.Representations in Mr. Gilmore's letter related to DASH for LaGrange, Inc. are both misinformed and misleading. I would like to provid...

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Should we impeach Barack Obama over the Border Crisis?

Sarah Palin says we should impeach Barack Obama over the recent border crisis, in a column ( A pop-up ad for the site reads “You deserve the truth.” I couldn’t agree more.In her op-ed, Palin claims that the crisis is about hurting the American worker. Actually, it’s about kids crossing into the United States. Locals where I’m visiting...

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Anatomy 101 - Skeleton

Being a fitness trainer & fitness therapist over many years – one of the most obvious concerns is that most people know very little about human anatomy. There has been a significant pattern in the majority of questions I’m asked – that pattern reveals that there is a need for a basic understanding of how we function - our anatomy. And to help you with that understanding, over the coming weeks we’ll cover our body’s amazing structure, so get ready for Human Anatom...

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Letter to the editor: Property tax increase for 2015 ?

The Board of Commissioners will hold their last of three millage rate “public hearings,”as required under state law Tuesday on the first floor of the Troup County Government Center..As everyone knows the county millage rate is one of the factors that determines if your property tax bill on Nov 15 will increase for the year 2015.

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Thank you and farewell LaGrange and Troup County

What started out as a temporary visit to LaGrange to stay with family turned into nearly a year of meeting some of my favorite people ever and learning more about being a journalist than I ever could in college.I came down to LaGrange without a plan, without knowing the community and without a job.As recent college graduate with hardly any real-world career experience, I turned my resume into the LaGrange Daily News as a fluke, not actually expecting to hear back....

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Texas murders show more need for a rational gun policy

There’s an old saying that if you outlaw guns, only outlaws will have guns. There’s a response that says if you ration guns, only rational people will have guns.Bumper sticker slogans aside, the family murders in Spring, Texas, show that business as usual won’t do. We can’t have a society where a guy with a restraining order and a lengthy criminal record including violence against others gets a gun.

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A Republican senate and president

Within the past two week President Obama suffered several major defeats with Supreme Court rulings, had a poll showing him as the worst president since WWII, several polls showing his approval rating continuing to slide and yet another poll showing more people feel Mitt Romney would have been a better choice in the last presidential election. Nonetheless Obama, unlike Bill Clinton, continues to increase liberal policies by Executive Order bypassing the legislative branch.

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Let’s clear the air

Dear Editor,More and more we are seeing the startling effects of destructive weather caused by climate disruption. We are experiencing devastating droughts, floods, heat waves, wildfires, tornadoes and hurricanes. In 2007, Georgia climate disruption cast our farmers nearly $340 million in lost crops from record setting droughts. Our farmers received $480 million in federal disaster relief to survive.

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Ten tips for future Peachtree Road Race runners

Ever since I moved to Georgia back in 2001, folks ask me, “So, have you run the AJC Peachtree Road Race?” as soon as they hear I am a runner. Actually, I prefer to compete in 5k races, not 10k races, so the race never interested me. But so many people kept insisting I run this race. So I decided to give it a try. After all, a college coach once told me that my form and style were better suited for 10 kilometer races.

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UGA chapel is perfect for a wedding

Kate and Kevin, delightful young friends, were recently married at the University of Georgia Chapel, which dates back to 1832 — when a bride and groom would have been spirited away by horse and buggy following a ceremony, which would have been more like a sermon.

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Our view: ‘Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness’

Two hundred and 38 years ago today, the final wording of this nation’s Declaration of Independence was adopted and the Dunlap Broadsides — the first printed copies of the declaration — were circulated throughout the 13 colonies.The United States already had declared its freedom. That was done two days before by the Continental Congress. But on July 4, 1776, the founding fathers pledged that this new nation would be free from the British Empire (although fighting i...

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The truth behind Declaration Of Independence myths

Around the Fourth of July, you’ll find lots of items that push for patriotism, but provide historical inaccuracies that undermine the message.“When the legend becomes fact, print the legend.” That classic line from “The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance,” shows that sometimes we prefer the romanticized version of a story to the cold hard facts.Years ago, I spotted a tie on Ebay. It had an image of a famous painting on the front, featuring the 178...

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Is America still the ‘Land Of Opportunity?’

A frequent question I get from folks is “So, you must enjoy three months of not doing work.” Oh, if only that was true. I’ve worked every summer since I turned 12. Most of it involves teaching summer classes online.There are papers and exams to grade, discussion posts to read (to make sure the students are keeping up with the readings) and chat rooms to monitor and referee, on some occasions. But my favorite part, I must confess, comes from the laboratory experime...

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Feet – our main supporter

My grandson Caden (when he was 19 months and cute as all get out) slipped forward while running on concrete, which is not a “skin friendly” substance. As a result of his stumble - Caden stubbed and skinned his big toe. It’s not easy to walk after you’ve injured any part of the foot – let alone stick it back into a sock and shoe. My dear Chris has Multiple Sclerosis (MS), and for sure it affects her feet.

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Letter to the editor: Property tax increase for 2015 ?

The Board of Commissioners will hold their last of three...

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