Our View: Remember the 9/11 victims

September 11, 2013

A dozen years ago today, Americans stood in horror and watched one of the most terrifying and sickening attacks on civilians in this country unfolded as the Twin Towers in New York City fell, the Pentagon was attacked and Flight 93 which crashed in Pennsylvania.

 So many people died instantly while others died trying to rescue a pitiful number of survivors. 

 Time has thankfully dimmed our collective memory of the pain, but each year we recall the details to remind ourselves of where we’ve been and where we never want to be again. 

 Now, with troubles in Syria reaching a boiling point, the memories provide a reference to a future we aren’t sure we want to know. It’s no wonder that most Americans, regardless of political party, do not support an American attack on Syria.

The world has changed in large ways and small since this day 12 years ago — flying has become more cumbersome, surveillance cameras abound, technology has brought us incredibly closer together — but our need to remember has not changed. There may be fewer ceremonies and they may be smaller but people do remember, even if only in the privacy of their homes.

What will you do today? Will you attend a local memorial or prayer service in the county to pay tribute to the victims and the first responders? Will you continue the more recent tradition of performing a service for a nonprofit in need?

Whatever you do, even if it’s nothing more than a humble prayer you offer to the memory of those who died, it will be appreciated.