Syria and wisteria - entangled

September 12, 2013

At least half of the trees were dead, many more encased in vines, no matter where one looks throughout the yard the vines had a strangulation hold on everything they embraced.

Wisteria may be a sound planting in a pot or even an arbor where they will find it difficult to spread, but not in a wooded and gardened area - for once it begins to grow, let there be no doubt it will take over. Although wisteria produces a beautiful rush of flower pleasing to the eye, just like its brother Kudzu, if allowed to flourish it will choke out all surrounding life.

More than 100,000 are dead - millions forced to leave their homes and have fled across borders where few were wanted, where few will long-survive. They left what was once their home, however, now mere rubble, hostile beds of anger, and areas surrounded by the stench of suffering and death. Politics and religion, planted hundreds of years ago now hold these people in the strangulation grip of death. Just like its sister nations Iraq, Iran, Libya, and Afghanistan, this combination of twisted politics and religion will, as it has for centuries, continue to choke out all surrounding life.

Ahhh – yes indeed there is little difference between Syria and wisteria.

It would be both useless and deeply immoral for the United States to continue the sacrifice of her children within the irrational attempt to bring to nations embraced by religious fanaticism and the historical embrace of war and death, an embrace of democracy, freedom and justice, which must include the separation of church and state. These precious concepts of our constitution will never find a home in the Middle East until the children of these nations are literate, educated, and free from the deadly and insane concepts of Jihad, class and gender domination.

President Obama and others would insist that we must act predicated on the issues of “red lines,” which I’ve covered before. However, I remain confused about these “red lines” such as using “chemical weapons” so perhaps some of you reading this column can help me understand the difference in killing tens-of-thousands with bullets, grenades, and bombs or killing by chemical weapons. For me, the death of children during any act of war — especially war supposedly waged in God’s name — lies in the arms of hate and evil, yes indeed, the arms of men and women. Weapons are weapons - chemical or metal - their sole purpose is death, damn the “red lines”.

To our senators, representatives - to this administration and all those who direct and lead this nation’s government listen well. The people of this gifted and wonderful nation have spoken and the messages are very much like mine - stay out of Syria, get out of Afghanistan, and never again sacrifice a single child of this nation for the useless and impossible task of bringing peace to nations who reject justice, freedom, and the separation of church and state. If there is a “red line” they must cross it is this: “they must hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.”