Hogansville passes irrigation ordinance

Jennifer Shrader Staff writer

October 8, 2013

Hogansville City Council has come up with a plan to account for those who use water to fill pools and don’t want to be charged for sewer services.

City Manager James Woods wanted the city to have a policy in place because so many people ask to have their sewer bills credited for watering their lawns, pressure washing their houses and other uses. The city has had the practice of crediting residents’ sewer bills because the water used doesn’t enter the sewer system.

The new policy approved Monday only allows bills to be credited if residents filled a pool, and only once a year. The resident must read their own meter, fill the pool, read the meter again and come to City Hall to arrange for the discount.

“Unless it’s for a pool or a busted water line, there will be no other credit given,” Woods said.

Those residents who regularly water lawns, gardens and pressure wash houses and don’t want to be charged for sewer should instead install an irrigation meter, a special water meter that accounts for water not sent to the sewer system.