Domestic incidents lead to knockout

October 10, 2013

An argument between a man and his live-in girlfriend lead to the girlfriend’s sister allegedly swinging a meat tenderizer at the man and later the man being struck in the head and knocked out.

Police initially responded to the incident in the 100 block of Cleveland Drive about 8:30 p.m. Wednesday, where the man said an argument lead to the girlfriend’s sister allegedly brandishing a meat tenderizer and knife. According to a report, the man’s son was holding him back as the sister swung the mallet at him. It didn’t strike him, but the man fell backward on top of his son.

The girlfriend and sister left before police arrived and man said he didn’t wish to press charges. Officers noted in a report that the man seemed “slightly intoxicated.”

Later, police were called back to the house, where they found the man bloody, bruised and disoriented. The son told police that the girlfriend, sister and a male returned to the house to get items.

The man argued with them and one of the three threw a flip flop at him, and he retaliated by throwing a partially full beer container back at them, which caused one of the three to throw an unknown object, possibly a rock, that struck the man in the head, causing him to fall and hit a stump on the ground. The three then drove off.

The man told police he couldn’t remember what happened. He was transported to the hospital for evaluation.

The officer said no one would be charged because both parties had thrown objects.

Man scammed with fake tablet

A man who thought he snagged a good deal on an iPad actually ended up with a ceramic tile after he was scammed by two men.

The victim told police he was approached in the LaGrange Mall parking lot by the two, who said they were selling Apple iPads and offered to sell him one for $120. The man paid the two supposed salesmen, who handed him a FedEx box.

The men left before he opened the box, which actually contained a ceramic tile wrapped in newspaper that had a cut-off extension cord attached to it, according to the report. The victim said the men were driving a white vehicle with a Florida tag “taped” to it and one of the men had dreadlocks, but he couldn’t provide any more information.


• A woman said a thief took her Samsung cell phone valued at $100 after she set it next to the drink machines at McDonald’s at 1797 Vernon Road.

• A woman said her purse valued at $35 was stolen after she laid it down near a fence at Callaway Stadium on Dallis Street. The purse contained her keys, wallet, identification and financial cards.


A man who was driving down Hamilton Road said several packages fell from a delivery truck in front of him and he struck some of the items, which damaged his transmission. A repair shop estimated the damage at more $500. The man said the delivery driver sped from the scene before he could get a tag number.