Two teens face burglary charges

Asia Ashley Staff Writer

October 18, 2013

Two teens were arrested on burglary charges Thursday after a neighbor reported seeing the two allegedly leave with items from a Cox Street home.

A police report said that a woman called 911 shortly after noon Thursday when she saw two males frequenting a residence in the 100 block of Cox Street, carrying unknown items from the location.

Police arrived at the residence to find that the back door had been kicked in but no one inside the residence.

A police K9 was able to track a path of the suspects and it led officers directly to a residence in the 200 block of Thomas Street. Behind the residence, officers allegedly found laptops, video game systems and various video games. Police made contact with two females at the residence who said that no males were at the residence, but one mentioned that her male cousin had previously been at the location for a few minutes.

As officers exited the house, they saw a 16-year-old male and Corithian Newton, 17, who both matched the descriptions given by the witness.

They were both identified as suspects and charged with burglary.