Stankiewitcz elected mayor of Hogansville

Andy Simmons Staff Writer

November 6, 2013

Newly elected Hogansville mayor Bill Stankiewicz knows that there is only a short amount of time to celebrate before his term kicks into gear and he takes control of the helm.

“I feel good. I had a lot of help,” Stankiewicz said.

“Now the real work starts.We have a lot of work to do.”

One of Stankiewicz’ main goal as mayor is to get everyone involved in the community with his goals and aspirations to make the city of Hogansville a better place than it was before.

“One thing the mayor can do is get everyone working towards a common goal,” Stankiewicz said.

“It’s important to have everyone on the same page in the community.”

Staniewicz spent six years as the city manager of Hogansville before retiring two years ago. He had previously run for Hogansville City Council in 2001 and was defeated.

But that was then, and Stankiewicz believes that his background can help Hogansville in a number of different departments, such as dilapidated housing.

“We (the city) are about to receive a large amount of money from the state and it’s critically important that that money is well spent,” Staniewicz said.

“I think my background in finance can help come into play.”

Runner-up Bobby Joe Frazier refused to comment on his loss.

Stankewicz had 290 votes, while Frazier had 209

Other results from the Hogansville elections: Reginald Jackson won City Council Post 1 with 276 votes against J. Scott Worthy with 231 votes. Jimmy Norred won City Council Post 2 with 244 votes against Robert T. Leek with 115 votes and Gloria N. Frazier with 139 votes. George Bailey won City Council Post 4 with 261 votes against Chet Hunt with 255 votes. They could not be reached for comment.