Deputies help corral roaming horse near I-185

November 7, 2013

A Horse that got loose and was running near Interstate 185 had the Troup County Sheriffs Department on a wild chase to catch it Thursday morning.

The Horse was initially spotted running down the ramp of I-185 about 8 a.m. before a witness called in and warned authorities about the roaming beast.

“I just turned on Big Springs and I saw it coming and called 911,” said Bobby Carr.

The Troup County Sheriffs Department was well aware of the loose horse by the time the initial call was received and deputies were already in the process of tracking it down.

There was a bit of a rough patch during the chase when the horse ran into the woods after being spooked by all of the sirens and commotion that was being caused.

Eventually, though, the horse was captured by its owner and the Animal Control Department on Upper Big Springs Road.