Updated: Sherry Ratliff resigns as elections supervisor

Steena Hymes Staff Writer

January 16, 2014

Troup County Supervisor of Elections Sherry Ratliff submitted her resignation to the Troup County Board of Elections and Registration, Jan. 13.

In her resignation letter obtained from the county, she stated, “My reasons for this decision are many fold…I have been unable to afford to get settled into Troup County.”

Ratliff went on to say in her letter,

“I also feel as though the Board of Elections and Registration is not satisfied with my work; the continued strife among and with the board is not fair to the citizens of Troup County.”

Jane McCoy, BOE Chairperson released a comment and said, “Ms. Ratliff has served us in excellent fashion and we regret that she needs to go on.”

In the Jan. 16 Board of Elections meeting, elections board member A.R. Ransom addressed Ratliff regarding her resignation.

“Ms. Ratliff, I regret that you see fit to resign. You have given valuable service. I feel that you’re very knowledgeable of the process. I wish for you the best and appreciate the service that you’ve given us,” he said.

Ratliff responded, “If there were things that were different in the operation of the running as a whole of elections, it would be must easier for me to stay,” she said. “But with the current dynamics, I have gotten torn, caught in the middle of the different powers that be.”

“I do hope that you all move together forward instead of continuing to look back and make voting a good process in Troup County,” she said.

Other actions at the Jan. 16 meeting include:

A motion by Ellen Gilmore and seconded by A.R. Ransom was passed for a letter to be submitted to the commissioners for a formal vote to be made for finalizing steady compensation for the board in accordance with section 8 of Senate Bill 520, and further, this be placed at the next available meeting in February.

With the Pegasus Parkway construction, there was discussion about the Lee’s Crossing precinct and where residents would vote.

A motion by J.C. Cameron and seconded by Ransom was passed to divide Pegasus Parkway, with east side residents voting at the administration building on Dallas and west side voting at Grace Baptist.

Adjournment was motioned by Ransom and seconded by Fred Higgins.