Embrace the morning

February 1, 2014

Mary Beth reaching out for her coffee cup with both hands pulled it towards her, then she took a deep breath and responded to Harry, “I’ve tried that, sometimes it works - but most of the time it just don’t.” Harry leaning in towards Mary Beth lifted his cup and after taking a sip replied, “You’ve got to let go of yesterday and try hard each day to embrace the morning.” Mary Beth sat back in her chair, wiping tears from her eyes she whispered, “Things will never be the same without Matthew, seems he took the joy in my life with him.”

It was just seven months past that Mary Beth’s 17-year-old son was killed in a collision on his way home from school. Matthew had come to a full stop and then proceeded to move through the intersection when he was struck by an elderly woman, who through no fault of her own, could not stop and struck Matthew’s car on the driver’s side. The cause of the accident was a ruptured break line. The year was 1962 and I remember the times, people involved and the sadness that embraced our live. Matthew was a dear friend, Mary Beth a mother who deeply loved her son - she spent most of her days embracing the mourning.

Death knows very little about grief, almost nothing of loss, and absolutely nothing about absence - death only knows how to take away. That said, Harry is absolutely correct there is only one embrace that takes us down the path of life: after the death of someone we love, we must let go of the mourning and embrace the morning. Mourning brings us nothing new, neither does it give us strength or joy - in the mourning all we find is regret, heartache and the “wall” of hesitation. Ah, but embracing the morning brings us the treasures of life.

The treasures of life are not found in wealth, not found in political or religious power - they are found in the experience of being loved and the opportunity to love others, the embrace of inner peace, and the everyday opportunity to touch the lives of those placed in our path. And so I urge each of you to embrace the morning, the morning sun, no matter how frigid the day, touches our life with warmth. Embracing the morning reminds us the greatness of the heart is found in the openness of the mind - and there is more.

Embracing the morning opens the doors of opportunity, opportunity feeds our hearts, a well fed heart opens the doors leading to faith, hope, and the wonder of love. Perhaps most importantly is this - each morning, as we welcome the new day with silence and the embrace of opportunity, we hear the gentle whisper of those now gone who remain in our hearts. Those now one with the universe whisper to us - they say - “I love you, thank you for loving me, remember my life wish for you - live with peace and know always that you were and are loved.”

Oh how I love embracing the morning - and many, many of you.