1914: Merchants plan big jubilee week

Memoried Glances Julia Dyar

April 5, 2014

Aprils past, 100 years ago.

From The LaGrange Reporter, 1914.

Front Page News

Local Merchants Planning Big Jubilee Week — The Merchants Jubilee Week, which was attempted last summer, will be pulled off in grand style this summer. It will be remembered that all the merchants were strongly in favor of it last year, but owing to several reasons the movement fell through.

Elaborate plans are now underway looking to its successful propagation this summer. Special inducements will be offered to customers in and around LaGrange for an entire week.

Railroad fare will be refunded to out-of-town purchasers and the expense prorated among the merchants. Special attractions will be offered and there will be a solid week of baseball during the event.

The success of the undertaking will depend entirely upon the ability of our citizens as boosters. From past experience it is safe to predict that the LaGrange spirit will bring the week off in grand style. The dates will be announced at an early date.

Two Days Racing During the Summer — Mr. A. H. Thompson, who was one of the most active and useful workers on the board of directors of the County Fair last year, informs the Reporter that the directors are considering putting on two days of racing during the summer, with entries limited to Troup County-bred horses.

The directors are receiving much encouragement and it is highly probable that the plan will be carried out.

A Marvelous Freak of Nature — Mr. J.B. Williams, one of Troup County’s most progressive farmers, has about the most interesting freak of nature on his place that anybody in this section ever saw.

It is a five-legged calf. A real live calf with five legs. Four of its legs are in fine condition, in the usual place, but the fifth one hangs from its back.

The little animal is six weeks old and in healthy condition. It feeds regularly and prospects are that it will get to be a full-grown cow.

It has already been photographed many times and will be shown at many county fairs, as well as at the Macon fair this fall.

War Declared With Mexico — War with Mexico, for a long time realized as the inevitable climax of numerous outrages upon Americans in that turbulent country and insults aimed at the United States, is now virtually underway.

Our nation’s first move occurred on Tuesday when detachments of marines were landed at Vera Cruz and seized the customs house and entrenched themselves in the city.

The direct cause of this move was the arrest and insult of officers and sailors from one of the United States’ battleships stationed off Tampico. Mexico failed to apologize in the terms that the United States demanded.

So far the only casualties reported were the killing of six and wounding thirty Americans, and the killing 150 or more Mexicans in the capture and occupation of Vera Cruz.

(Because your writer had no memory of the final outcome of this event, I enlisted the help of Kaye Minchew at the Archives. We found that the United States did not really declare war on Mexico. Argentina, Brazil and Chile arbitrated, and “U.S. troops left Mexican soil, but the incident added to already tense U.S.-Mexico relations.”)

Landslide for Prohibition Ticket — At about 7 o’clock on Wednesday, April 29, the managers of the city election in LaGrange announced the victory of the prohibition ticket for city council as follows:

Edmundson, 740; Hudson, 710; Childs, 561; Pike, 551; the candidates for the wet ticket ran Carley, 233; Holmes, 200.

Mayor Edmundson was re-elected without opposition.

From the beginning the prohibition side was away in the lead and early in the afternoon victory was assured.

(The team of Childs, Pike and Hudson ran ads in the Reporter standing against the saloons and pool rooms “in our midst.”)

Ball Season Opens Next Monday — The Georgia-Alabama League opens next Monday and LaGrange and Opelika will cross bats on the local diamond.

LaGrange is going to pull hard for the opening day attendance trophy and no doubt she will give Rome a hot contest.

With the exception of Mr. M.G. Buck, every merchant in LaGrange has agreed to close his place of business next Monday afternoon and help swell the attendance. It is reported that the mills will close down also early in the afternoon.

A Call for Volunteers — The officers of the LaGrange Baseball Association desire to meet the 11:50 train Monday morning with enough cars to convey the Opelika fans and ball team to the square. All automobile owners that are willing to volunteer the use of their cars and chauffeur, to be used on this occasion, will please notify me not later than Saturday night.

Signed – S.H. Dunson, Treasurer.