Calumet Park renovations near completion

Asia Ashley

April 23, 2014

Renovations to Calumet Park is expected to be complete next month, according to LaGrange City Manager Tom Hall.

LaGrange City Council voted in September to spend $100,000 on park improvements after Hall said several residents in the area approached the council at several council meetings requesting revitalization of the area.

“We’re always interested in working with neighborhoods to make a positive impact and improve the quality of life,” said Hall.

Work began late October with the demolition and removal of the pavilion in the park and the repairing of the roof to the concession stand.

The basketball court has been revamped, the pavilion has been replaced and a parking lot and walkways have been paved around and throughout the park.

In the upper level of the park, there will be additional playground equipment, a splash pad and fountain area large enough to accommodate 40 children, and a green space for play.

Picnic tables and grills will also be stationed throughout the park.

The project is paid for with special-purpose local option sales tax money that had been set aside for neighborhood park revitalization and a community development fund from that federal government that is to be used in underprivileged areas, Hall said.

The city will cover water costs for the splash pad.

All fixes to the park are expected to be complete by Memorial Day, said Hall, who believes the neighborhood splash pad and park will be a success.

“This will be the first one-splash pad- in a neighborhood with such nice features,” said Hall. “It’s going to be very popular and it’s going to have a positive impact.”