West Point council approves curbside recycling contract; police chief sworn in

Asia Ashley

June 10, 2014

West Point City Council on Monday voted to approve a contract that will bring curbside recycling to the city.

In addition to curbside garbage pickup in the city, the recycling service will now be available at a total cost of $15 per month per residence, down from the $17.54 residents currently pay for curbside trash pickup.

Senior citizens can receive backdoor trash pick up free of charge and other residents can pay $25 to receive the service. Residents will notified through mail of the changes, if any, to their pickup schedules.

Council also voted on an amendment to the city’s Forward Fund reimbursement procedures.

The policy now requires Forward Fund applicants to pay for their projects upfront, then upon completion of the project can be reimbursed for expenses listed on the application. A request for reimbursement may not be submitted to the city for less than 25 percent of the total grant amount, according to the policy, and a final pay request will be withheld until the project is completed and inspected by a representative of the city.

Two requests for the Forward Fund grant were also approved by the council.

West Point Village LLC will receive $250,000 from the fund to go towards improvements to the Highway 18 and O.G. Skinner Drive area in West Point. The city will use $450,000 from the fund towards the purchase and renovation of a property on U.S. 29 that will be used to relocate facilities from First Avenue that will be demolished for the downtown river park project.

Funded through a $6 million bond deal with Kia Motors Manufacturing Georgia, the city voted to approve the city’s Forward Fund in early March and was created to provide loans and grants towards the redevelopment of public infrastructure in the city.​

At the start of the Monday business meeting, Tony Bailey was sworn in as the new police chief by Mayor Drew Ferguson.