Unattended Mack truck crashes into four cars

Steena Hymes

July 2, 2014

Four cars were moderately damaged after an unattended Mack dump truck shifted gears striking four park cars in the 1400 block of Lafayette Parkway in front of Verizon Wireless.

According to reports, the truck driver left his truck running and unattended while he went inside the Verizon store. While he was in there he saw his truck begin moving crashing into the line of cars before stalling in its own.

Nobody was in any of the vehicles at the time of the collision.

The truck ran into a 2005 Silverado, a 2010 Lincoln, a 2009 Camry and a 2011 Cadillac causing moderate damage to each car.

Reports state that the driver of the Mack truck is cited at fault for leaving the vehicle running and unattended.