100 years ago: Recounting spirit of American independence

Julia Dyar Memoried Glances

July 5, 2014

Julys past, 100 years ago.

From The LaGrange Reporter, 1914.

Front Page News

(In celebrating the Fourth of July, 100 years ago the editor of The LaGrange Reporter turned to the words of John Jay, American statesman and jurist, the first Chief Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court [1789-95] on The Spirit of American independence. They follow:)

“Let us, standing by our fathers’ graves, swear anew and teach the oath to our children that with God’s help the American republic, clasping this continent in its embrace, shall stand unmoved, though all the powers of slavery, piracy and European jealousy should combine to overthrow it; that we shall have in the future, as we have had in the past, one country, one Constitution, and one destiny; that our sons may gather strength from our example in every contest with the despotism that time may have in store to try their virtue, and that they may rally under the stars and stripes to battle for freedom and the rights of man with our old time war cry, ‘Liberty and union, now and forever, one and inseparable.’”

To Improve A. & W.P. Depot — People of LaGrange will learn with gratification that the long-needed improvements on the local A. & W.P. Depot will be made, and the building will be fitted up in every way to accommodate the large and growing passenger patronage of this road.

The entire building will be changed and a ladies waiting room with every convenience will be added. Besides this, the street, which leads from the depot to Depot Street will be paved and the mud and slosh, which passengers have undergone during rainy weather will be eliminated.

The work will begin immediately.

Contract for Water Works Machinery Let Wednesday — The contract for the supplies for the new water works system, which will be installed in LaGrange within the next few months, was let last Wednesday, but the bids on the installation of the pipe lines and distributing system were so high that none of them were considered. This work will be done by the local water department, of which Mr. G.H. Sargent is superintendent.

Mr. Sargent says that the 14 miles of pipe will be laid within four months and that the plant will be in operation in six months. The total amount of the contracts awarded is $43,816.

When the plant is completed the people of LaGrange will have the benefit of adequate water supply and fire protection as well as water free from all impurities.

Reporter’s Whistle Symbol of News — If you hear somebody whistle this afternoon, go to the door and maybe you will get the news.

Since changing from weekly to semi-weekly we have been forced to supply our own city delivery, because good old Uncle Sam refused to send his men out in this hot weather for us twice a week.

Our news boys now have whistles that will be sounded at each subscriber’s home.

Please notify us if your street address changes so that you won’t miss an issue.

‘Better Babies’ Contest a Success — A “Better Babies” contest was held at the Mission last Wednesday afternoon, with 41 babies participating, accompanied by over 200 adults.

The contest is a part of a great movement undertaken by the Woman’s Home Companion in an effort to gather valuable data about the physical training of the nation’s future citizens.

Among the winners are: Babies six months old and over – Sarah Hunt, Mozelle Wells, Earl Duncan, Maidee Tatum and Clyde Reid; best baby under six months – Edna Holiday; and bottle baby class – Columbus Davidson.

Doctors W.R. McCall, D.E. Morgan and Wallace Clark were judges.

Annual Woman’s Club Report — Mrs. Clifford Smith, president of the LaGrange Woman’s Club, has released her year-end report for the club outlining the work of the club’s four sections: music, literature and arts, domestic science and civics.

Besides the regular work of these sections, Mrs. Smith also reported that the club has worked very industriously to raise money to build a clubhouse. They intend for the building to include space for a library and an auditorium.

At present the club has 102 active members and five honorary members. They plan to invite the assistance of the men’s organizations in raising the necessary funds for the building project.

Editorial: A Good Measure — Mr. Hughes of Georgia has introduced in Congress a bill requiring the government at Washington to publish school books for all the states at actual cost to the states. This cost will be small as the government’s immense printing outfit will enable the publication of these books very much cheaper than the states or any private concern could do.

With this measure a law the state can afford to give the school books to the children free. The bill must appeal to all the people as wise, just and the proper thing to advance the education of the young people of the whole country. If it becomes a law it will solve the school book question.