Let’s clear the air

July 10, 2014

Dear Editor,

More and more we are seeing the startling effects of destructive weather caused by climate disruption. We are experiencing devastating droughts, floods, heat waves, wildfires, tornadoes and hurricanes. In 2007, Georgia climate disruption cast our farmers nearly $340 million in lost crops from record setting droughts. Our farmers received $480 million in federal disaster relief to survive.

Power plants are responsible for the majority of pollution that threatens our climate. The EPA has now proposed carbon pollution protections, reducing the amount of carbon dioxide that is exuded from coal fired smoke stacks 30 percent by 2030! Unfortunately, Georgia is a major contributor to this air pollution. Georgia Power (Southern Company) is the third largest carbon polluter in the U.S. One of Southern Company’s facilities Plant Scherer near Juliette, Georgia is America’s dirtiest power plant. In 2012, they dumped 21 million metric tons of carbon into the air we Georgians breathe.

It is ironic that we are one of the worst offenders when we could be the biggest success story for clean power generation. We rank No. 5 in the nation of states that could benefit from development of solar and wind power. These new limits could cause Southern Company to rethink their lack of investment in solar and wind when they have at their disposal the resources available to produce clean energy.

The Environmental Protection Agency wishes to get public input regarding these proposed rules. There will be four regional public meetings in the United States to receive your comments. One will be in Atlanta on July 29th. If you care about cleaner, healthier air, try to sign a petition of support or better yet, attend this hearing!

Edna Foster

Vernon Woods