Sharks swimming at state meet

By Kevin Eckleberry

July 26, 2014

There are plenty of Sharks in the water this weekend.

Members of the Troup County Sharks swim team are competing in two state meets this weekend, one in Athens, and one in Cummings.

The Georgia Recreation and Parks Association state swim meet is being held at the Cumming Aquatic Center, and the senior long-course state meet is being contested at the University of Georgia.

More than 20 members of the Sharks team will be competing in the two meets combined, and a handful of them will be swimming in both of them.

The state meets will wrap up what has been a successful summer season for the Sharks.

“We have seven under 11 going, and I think last year we only have five. So that’s really big,” said former LaGrange and University of Kentucky swimmer Chip Aplin, who is the head coach of the Sharks. “Last year at senior state we had three people qualify. We were able to qualify three more people individually this year. So that went up to six.”

Aplin said the swimmers set goals at the beginning of the summer as far as what they wanted to achieve, and most of them have met those goals with ease.

‘It’s always good to see them have their hard work pay off,” Aplin said. “That way they continue to buy into what we’re trying to sell them.”

Aplin said for a lot of the swimmers, the goal was to make it past the district swim meet and reach state.

“At the beginning of the summer, I had everybody right down personal goals,” Aplin said. “And a lot of them chose district as their goal, and they totally blew that out of the water.”

In the GRPA meet that got under way on Friday in Cumming, 18 Sharks are competing.

Six Sharks are hitting the pool against some of the state’s best swimmers in the long-course meet in Athens.

Andrew Ingram, Josh Gynther, Christine Yin and Jaxon Vael will be able to compete in both meets.

“They’ll be able to do long-course state on Friday, drive down to Cumming for GRPA state on Saturday, and then drive back up on Sunday,” Aplin said. “Luckily they’re both right there.”

Here are the swimmers for the Sharks who are competing in the state meets.


Bailey Allen, Jenna Conrad, Harleigh Dempsey, Josh Gynther, Andrew Ingram, Jin Jeong, Nikki Kamalanathan, Nikki Knox, Sam Lewis, Ethan McCosh, Veena Muthukumar, Camille Preston, Morgan Skinner, Jaxon Vael, Campbell Vice, Wyatt Wood, Ashton Wright and Christine Yin


Sydney Mauldin, Allie Paschal, Christine Yin, Josh Gynther, Andrea Ingram and Jaxon Vael.

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