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Science experiment creates Floozie Barbie

When we were little tykes, and Mama was about three seconds from double homicide, Brother and I would get dropped off at Grandmaw’s, where we ... Read more

5 days ago by Jennifer Shrader.

Vote for Doocy in 2016

I was a young man when I first met Doocy, our big, scary-looking friend with webbed fingers on his right hand and missing teeth right ... Read more

6 days ago by Jennifer Shrader.

The house that built us

  Miranda Lambert, Allen Shamblin, and Tom Douglas sang and wrote: “Mama cut out pictures of houses for years, From the “Better Homes and Gardens” ... Read more

1 week ago by Jennifer Shrader.


Be thankful for humble Thanksgivings

A dreaded Thanksgiving Day was approaching. It was in the early 80’s and the first holiday after my divorce. My three children would be spending ... Read more

3 weeks ago by bni.


Columnist: We all come from the same creator

I’m writing this article on the morning of Election Day. No matter who is chosen, as President-elect, whether Clinton or Trump, the question is, what ... Read more

3 weeks ago by bni.


How it happened

Eighty years ago, Sinclair Lewis wrote the book “It Can’t Happen Here” about America electing populist Senator Buzz Windrip, who employs his homespun wisdom to ... Read more

4 weeks ago by bni.


Columnist: Hard times can produce blessings

Just about everywhere we look today there are two words that describe the situation: “hard times.” A law enforcement officer says, “He didn’t survive the ... Read more

4 weeks ago by bni.


Let’s be thankful for God

By the time you read this, the election that has consumed us will finally be over. The debates have ended, all the vitriol (hopefully) silenced, ... Read more

4 weeks ago by bni.


Bluegrass memories started my career

There was a time before the proliferation of television contracts which now cover every sport, every helmet and every pony tail in the Southeastern Conference ... Read more

1 month ago by bni.


Election creates divisiveness in black community

Up until the 1960s, “color,” not politics, was a divisive issue in the black community. In fact, the movie, Imitation of Life, initially produced in ... Read more

1 month ago by bni.

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