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Pick your Top 10 requirements for president

Dear Editor, Regardless of your presidential leanings, I have a challenge for you … a simple task. List the Top 10 expectations you have for ... Read more

2 months ago by bni.


Letter: Why me, Lord?

Dear editor: I was at the DDS – Department of Driver Services – this past week to renew my license for another eight years. The ... Read more

2 months ago by bni.


Letter: Be flexible, consider both political sides

I have slogged through quite enough voluminous editorial political page claptrap to last a lifetime. Much of it reiterating – or should I say regurgitating ... Read more

2 months ago by bni.


Letter: Do do not call list still apply?

Does the federal do not call list not apply to your phone anymore? Today I got six phone calls – four computer generated and two ... Read more

2 months ago by bni.


Letter: Domestic decisions need to be left up to states

Domestic issues including marriage, gay rights, abortion, rest room designation and education are states’ rights’ issues that the federal government has no constitutional authority to ... Read more

3 months ago by bni.


Letter: You may be a confused and conflicted Republican …

Editor’s note: This letter is a response to the letter to the editor titled, “You may be a die hard Democrat …” that appeared in ... Read more

3 months ago by bni.


Letter: There’s something strange going on …

For the past six years I have been one of the greatest advocates for private schools. My first grandchild moved into a private school six ... Read more

3 months ago by bni.


Letter: You may be a “die hard Democrat” …

1. If you believe that party loyalty is more important than honesty, integrity, morality or our constitution and the rule of law, then you might ... Read more

3 months ago by bni.


Letter: September is National Literacy Month

There are many celebrations and events in September but the Troup County Certified Literate Community Program reminds everyone that September is also National Literacy month. ... Read more

3 months ago by bni.


Letter: America is not the enemy, but mismanaged

It seems to be a recurring theme among liberal/progressives that we Americans are the bad guys. This is the same tactic that was used by ... Read more

3 months ago by bni.

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