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Troup County School System

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Troup County School System will administer the Criterion-Referenced Competency Tests (CRCT) to students in grades 3 through 8.

Georgia’s CRCT tests are state-mandated achievement tests for students. The CRCT covers the content areas of reading, English/language arts, mathematics, science and social studies. According to the Georgia Department of Education, the primary purpose of the CRCT is to provide a valid measure of the quality of educational services provided throughout the state.

The standardized tests measure how well students have acquired the knowledge and skills taught in the state curriculum. The CRCT is designed to (1) ensure students are learning at their grade level and (2) provide data to teachers, schools, and school districts to support better instructional decisions. The tests also serve as an accountability measure and are a part of Georgia’s College and Career Readiness Performance Index (CCRPI).

Troup County Schools will begin participating in the main administration of the CRCT the week of April 22. Generally, tests are administered over a five day period. Students are tested on one content area per day. Each content area test has two sections that last about 70 minutes each.

Students who are prepared, calm and rested perform better on tests.

Troup County Schools CRCT Schedule:

• April 22: Reading.

• April 23: English/language arts.

• April 24: Mathematics.

• April 25: Make-up day.

• April 28: Make-up day.

• April 29: Science.

• May 30: Social studies.

• May 1: Make-up day.

• May 2: Make-up day.

Tips for Parents:

Here are some of the many ways to help your child approach the CRCT in a relaxed, positive way:

1. Encourage your child to employ good study and test-taking skills. These skills include following directions carefully, avoiding careless errors and reviewing work.

2. Explain the purpose of the tests. The CRCT gives students an opportunity to show what they have learned in school. It also gives teachers information that helps them plan instruction.

3. Let your child know that you consider the tests important and that the child should try his or her best.

4. Point out that some items may be more difficult than others and that some material may be new to the child.

5. Be certain your child enjoys plenty of sleep and has a good, nourishing breakfast and lunch. Taking tests is hard work for many students and can require a lot of energy.

6. Be certain your child is at school on time. Rushing and worrying about being late could affect performance on the tests.

7. Remember to ask your child about the testing at the end of each day.

8. Utilize tools to help your child prepare for the CRCT available on the Georgia Department of Education website.

Tips for Students:

Below are strategies students may use during the test:

1. Relax by taking slow, deep breaths.

2. Make sure you understand the directions. If you are not sure, ask the teacher for clarification.

3. Read each question carefully.

4. When you use scratch paper, make sure that you copy the problem correctly from the test onto your paper.

5. You can underline and make marks on your test to help you while you work, but the only answers that will be scored are those in the correct place on your answer sheet.

6. Try to come up with your own answer before seeing the choices. This will help in choosing the best answer choice available.

7. Eliminate answer choices that you know cannot be right.

8. Leave a question blank if you are unsure of the answer, then return to it at the end.

9. Manage your time. Don’t let the pace of others make you nervous. However, don’t spend too much time on one question.

10. Be sure to answer all of the questions.

11. Review your answers when you have finished the test.

12. Try to stay calm during the test. Remember, this is a chance for you to show what you know.

For more information about the Criterion-Reference Competency Tests, visit the Georgia Department of Education website at

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