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Julia Dyar Contributing columnist

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Augusts past.

Round-up column.

(This fifth weekend in August gives us the opportunity to bring you a round-up of editorials from anniversary years that were omitted because of lack of space.)

From The LaGrange Reporter, 100 years ago, August 1914:

War Advantageous to American People — Col. William Lawson Peel, one of the most conservative of the Atlanta bankers, believes the war in Europe can be of ultimate good for the American people if they will take advantage of the situation.

“The war will make the people more economical,” he said. “They are spending too much on frivolities and saving too little. Until there is an adjustment, things will be tight. But after the war, the prosperity of the United States will double and treble. Prosperity is in the making, because we shall learn to make more, to conserve our resources and to supply our own demands.”

From The LaGrange Daily News, 75 Years Ago, August 1939:

Something Ought to be Done — There seems to be little division of opinion concerning the need for some sort of action on the liquor question in Troup County. What the action shall be is another matter. Many people believe there should be strict enforcement of the present law, but these same people are not so sure that it will be possible to have strict enforcement.

Other citizens are convinced that the best way out is for the county to adopt legal liquor. They believe that with a divided opinion such as now exists and with local option making liquor easily available in counties close at hand, there is little hope of banishing liquor from this community. They believe that the bootleg ring is becoming a menace to law and order and that the best way to handle the situation is to adopt legal liquor and control.

Both groups are of the unanimous opinion that something ought to be done.

We Can Do Something About This — All of us are naturally interested in the European situation. While none of us can be sure as to the effect a European war would have upon us, upon our business, or upon our employment, we can be certain that absorption of our attention by the foreign crisis now will not have a healthful effect upon our lives, our business or our employment.

No salesman can sell shoes, clothing, real estate or groceries efficiently if his mind is on Hitler’s next move instead of the customers’ reaction. No merchant can plan a fall merchandising campaign that is likely to click if his mind is glued to the European situation.

We ought to be interested in the events that are taking place across the world, but not too interested to be giving proper attention to our own business. After all we cannot do a single thing about the foreign situation but we can definitely do something about the everyday problems which face us.

Patriotism on the Increase — The country has thrived and grown great on patriotism. People in foreign lands sometimes say Americans are too proud of their country, while at the same time they envy us our happier lot. It never strikes them that there may be some connection between the United States’ high living standards and the pride in country of the men who do the nation’s work.

In any case, it is encouraging these days to sense in the air a stronger manifestation of American patriotism than has been apparent for some time.

From the LaGrange Daily News, 50 Years Ago, August 1964:

Flying Objects Still Mystery — People around Georgia are seeing something in the air at night and we’d like to know what it is.

The sightings are coming from a number of sources, are confirmed by groups of people and are not figments of someone’s imagination. Whether the unidentified flying objects are solid, tangible machines or not, we can’t say. But it is unlikely that they are reflections of a light from elsewhere, “ball lightning” or other natural phenomenon.

All military establishments in Georgia that might be using night helicopters or engaging in other training or testing deny any knowledge of the UFOs. Trying to find out anything from Washington is ludicrous.

The Air Force merely says that the lady who takes UFO reports is on vacation and won’t be back until next week. It’s a good thing our mysterious night-flying visitors aren’t hostile.

Our best guess is that the UFOs are night-flying helicopters, but this hasn’t been confirmed and probably won’t be until that lady comes back from her vacation and the Pentagon is in business again.

We wish whoever or whatever is inside the UFOs, if anything is, would identify himself or just go away for once and for all. Our curiosity can’t stand the pressure.

Some Unusual Facts — The following information was passed along to us by a reader.

Lincoln was nominated in 1860; Kennedy was nominated in 1960.

Both were assassinated in office; both were shot in the head. Both were shot in the presence of (their) wife on a Friday.

Booth was born in 1839; Oswald was born in 1939. Both Booth and Oswald were shot before a trial.

Both vice presidents were named Johnson. Andrew Johnson was born in 1808; Lyndon Johnson was born in 1908.

Lincoln’s secretary was named Kennedy; Kennedy’s secretary was named Lincoln.

Andrew Johnson was re-elected in 1864; Lyndon Johnson runs for election in 1964.

Julia Dyar, a retired journalist, is active in the Troup County Historical Society.

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