Letter: Open minds needed in Confederate flag debate

Published 12:00 am Thursday, August 6, 2015


As I was carefully analyzing the controversy of the Confederate flag, I concluded that each of us have embedded beliefs deep inside.

The Confederate flag is embedded in some Americans’ brains as a symbol for hatred and racism; other Americans believe it symbolizes pride of a legacy in past history. Unfortunately, there are Americans who do believe in hatred and racism and practice it in several ways.

People can change their embedded thoughts permanently by opening their mind to new thoughts, which automatically start to let things change inside of them. As this change occurs, the pattern of society needs to understand there is more than one purpose of the Confederate flag.

An example would be observing a coin which has two sides. Regardless of the two-sided coin, its value is still the same. I, spiritually, see the controversy of the flag as another sign that things in the world are getting worse because violence has surrounded this issue.

Mitchell Strozier