‘How about a travel column?’

Published 12:00 am Monday, April 11, 2016


Daily News editorial staff


The Daily News is currently conducting a reader survey aimed at hearing suggestions for improving the newspaper. We want you to know we’re actively reading your comments and over the next few weeks will respond to a few remarks as they come in.

Please take our survey at www.lagrangenews.com/survey to provide input.

Taking the survey can also register respondents for a chance to win two tickets to see Willie Nelson live at Sweetland Amphitheatre at Boyd Park on May 29, courtesy of the amphitheatre.

Here’s one suggestion that came in Sunday:

“Make it more pages. I read the front page first, then the obits, then the editorials, and finally work the crossword puzzle. How about a travel column or places to visit in one day’s drive from LaGrange, or where to take out-of-town guests?”

In response, we’d like to say that page counts are driven by two factors: first, the number of advertisements and secondly, the amount of news — or “copy,” as we call it in the newsroom — that we have for the day. Generally speaking, the A section is between six and eight pages each day and the B Section, with sports, is anywhere between four and eight pages. Those numbers can increase as there are more advertisements or more news.

Be sure to read our weekend edition, which is now regularly featuring a column by LaGrange native Donna Weathers called “One Tank Wandering,” in which Weathers visits places that are one tank of gas or less distance from LaGrange. This past weekend, Weathers took us to Albany, where she wrote about the city’s Riverfront Park, Chehaw Park, the Flint RiverQuarium and more.

We’re excited to be adding this and more features like it. We’re also laying the groundwork for a freelance — or “stringers” — program to add more writers and cover more ground. That’s not the only exciting thing in the works at LaGrange Daily News. Keep reading over the next several weeks to see more changes, more survey responses and other new features.

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