City takes down mural downtown

Published 10:09 am Monday, December 12, 2016

LaGRANGE – The mural that has long adorned the wall beside the Chamber of Commerce Plaza was taken down last week due to safety concerns.

While the mural was on a wall next to the Chamber of Commerce, it was owned by the City of LaGrange. The mural was damaged and began breaking apart after a major storm that hit back in June, and its structural integrity has been an increasing cause for concern.

“The mural was taken down due to the potential of remaining portions coming down due to moisture penetration behind it, and the mural coming detached from the metal studs via (its) anchor screws,” said Director Alton West. “Out of safety concerns for citizens and (the) public, the decision was made to remove it before any more fell.”

The city had initially looked into seeing if the mural could be saved, but the weather damage was too great.

“It’s just one of those unfortunate things to happen, but that is just because of mother nature,” said Troup County Archives Director Clark Johnson. “… I enjoy getting to seeing the stone walls (where the mural was) though.”

Johnson estimates that the wall currently visible to the public may be from as early as the 1800s based on the building materials, but the wall will only be visible for a brief time because the city will need to build next to that original wall in order to protect it.

“The exterior wall that is now visible to the public is a shared wall to the interior of the antique store that will be rebuilt,” said West. “It will have a finished surface constructed material (wall) once completed.”

There are currently no plans from the city to put in another mural at that location.

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