Keeping it in the family

Published 5:23 pm Tuesday, January 24, 2017

LaGRANGE- Kemp’s Carpet at 1287 Lafayette Parkway has built itself into a long-lasting, quality and top-tier business in LaGrange going on 40 years now.

Kemp’s Carpet is a family-run carpet and flooring business that started in 1976 by original owner Gerald Kemp. His two sons Jeff and Brent Kemp were respectively, 11 and 7, when their father started the business and now they both currently co-manage the family-oriented operation, which they’ve each been running for 20 plus years.

Kemp’s Carpets was originally located on Miller Street but moved to the current location (their third different location in LaGrange) of Lafayette Parkway two decades ago. There are also two other store locations, in Peachtree City and Newnan (where Jeff and Brent’s other brother, Cody, runs the store there). Brent’s son, Cody, works with them in the store as well.

“We’re a hometown dealer. We try to offer service from everything to salesmanship, instillation, and all the installers work for us,” said Jeff Kemp. “All our work is guaranteed. We claim to have the best prices around and the best service.”

Kemp’s Carpet specializes in flooring and carpet service. The two biggest and popular carpets they sell are Mohawk and Shaw carpeting. They put in ceramic tile, hardwood, laminate, luxury vinyl and all types of other flooring. Price ranges go anywhere from $1 to $3 per square foot.

“We like to start by talking to the customer to get an idea of what they might like or want and make a connection with them before we start showing them some products,” said Jeff Kemp. “We want to talk to them, narrow down on some products and then go out to their house and have an in-home meeting with them to get everything started.”

“We’re fortunate to have the best installers. We have great mechanics that put in the carpet. We just want to service people and make sure the’re happy,” said Brent Kemp. “Customer satisfaction is what I enjoy the most about the job. Seeing where a project started, then when that person’s house is completed and looking back seeing that the family is happy is very satisfying.”

It’s fun to work as a family, they said.

“As a family we enjoy working together in harmony,” said Gerald Kemp.

“I think we are a good family hometown business that our dad started 40 years ago. We have a good clientele and a good relationship with almost everyone in town,” said Jeff Kemp.

“Family businesses are a dying breed right now,” said Brent Kemp. “We see a lot of local businesses and it’s refreshing to own and operate the business on a local level. Carpets is a specialty item, so at some point in time we know people are going to have to get carpets installed.”


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