Letter: DeVos appointment should help schools

Published 7:40 pm Thursday, February 16, 2017

Paragraph five of James Simpson’s article published February 2nd says it all “The biggest concern from teacher unions and education advocates in the public education system is that her views will be a threat and harm public schools and their financial stability,” officials say.

That is the problem now. Education advocates (Superintendents, School Boards) and Teachers Unions are concerned about their financial stability over education of children! If the Board is aware of the challenges of our children and ready to help them succeed, as their prepared statement says, exactly when is that going to start? They are much more concerned with continuing an E-SPLOST to add to their current SURPLUS than to address any shortcomings in our local education system.

When President Trump said he was supporting voucher programs” in an effort to break up a public education system that he has called “a government-run monopoly.” he was correct. Don’t believe it? Go try to meet with your local school board, have a meaningful meeting with your Superintendent, or effect change in a local school. Won’t happen. A voucher program allows parents to use funds to pay for some or all of their children’s private school tuition or homeschooling. This effort would actually put parent’s back in charge of the education of their children for a change! The only way to hold the current system accountable is with dollars, because that is what they are most concerned about.

The school boards statement concluded. “While we see the many changes taking place globally, we will continue advocating for public education locally.” They should have changed the last word to “only” in place of “locally” to be correct. If education is their main concern why should they care how it is achieved? When have they supported Home School Programs or Private Schools?

Parents may finally have a voice and a choice!


Randy Dye