Letter: America in peril

Published 4:38 pm Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Based upon an article in Freedom Outpost an army of subversives and anarchists are attempting to undermine the Trump administration from within the government, and at the same time a whole host of prominent leftist leaders are fueling the flames of hate against Trump and are promoting riots, civil uprisings and violence. And of course the mainstream media is a more than willing accomplice, because pretty much everyone that works in the mainstream media is a socialist who absolutely hates Donald Trump. The United States is more divided today than it has been in any of our lifetimes.

Obama Attorney General Loretta Lynch recently recorded a video message in which she promoted a struggle against Donald Trump saying there is going to have to be blood and death in the streets. This is not just some passionate young leftist radical saying these things.This woman was previously the Attorney General of the United States. For her to make this statement is irresponsible to the extreme.

 Compared with the shining and vibrant nation it once was, today’s America has become a different country: deeply and angrily divided, unable to deal with crises foreign or domestic, the world’s greatest debtor nation with 50 million people on food stamps, rampant divorce and family breakdown, unprecedented sexual anarchy with 110 million with STDs, almost 60 million abusing alcohol and 70 million taking mood-altering drugs. On so many levels, America is becoming ever more  diametrically opposed to logic and common sense.

  How are those of us who oppose left-wing nihilism – there is no other word for an ideology that holds Western civilization and America’s core values in contempt – supposed to unite with “educators” who instruct elementary school teachers to cease calling their students “boys” and “girls” because that implies gender identity? With English departments that don’t require reading Shakespeare in order to receive a degree in English? With those who regard virtually every war America has fought as imperialist and immoral? With those who regard the free market as a form of oppression? With those who want the state to control as much of American life as possible? With those who repeatedly tell America and its black minority that the greatest problems afflicting black Americans are caused by white racism, “white privilege” and “systemic racism”? With those who think that the traditional family is inherently misogynistic and homophobic? With those who hold that Israel is the villain in the Middle East? With those who claim that the term “Islamic terrorist” is an expression of religious bigotry?

We are in a fight for the soul of America, and the fate of this nation literally hangs in the balance.


James King