Local valedictorians impressive

Published 8:01 pm Thursday, May 18, 2017

Over the last week, we’ve had the opportunity to talk to valedictorians from each of the local public high schools in LaGrange and in the next week or so, we plan to talk to students from the two private schools as well.

We couldn’t be more impressed by the three students we’ve talked to so far.

Sure, all of them have incredible grades — the kind any parent would love to see on their child’s report card — but they’re also outstanding young adults.

In today’s newspaper, we wrote about Karan Lakhwani, the valedictorian at LaGrange High School. He made a 34 super score on the ACT and has a weighted GPA of 5.1.

With those kinds of grades, he could get into just about any school he wanted.

The other two valedictorians we’ve interviewed so far — Grace Summers from Callaway High and Kiara Thompson from Troup County High — also had impressive grades and test scores, but all recognized there’s more to a person than just a score on a test.  All three were incredibly humble.

Being a valedictorian is a huge accomplishment, but all of the valedictorians recognized that other students in their class were bright and are likely going to be very successful as well.

That’s a great attitude to have.

Every student about to walk across the stage in LaGrange has a lot to be proud of, and we’ll write more about the graduation ceremonies in the days and weeks to come, but these three students have been very impressive in our time with them.

If the rest of the classes at LaGrange, Callaway and Troup are anything like these three, the teachers, faculty members and parents have a lot to be proud of.