Cell phone, bank card allegedly taken from office

Published 5:32 pm Tuesday, August 8, 2017

A man’s cell phone and bank card were allegedly stolen from his office on Lafayette Square on Monday between 9 a.m. to 10 a.m.

The man said he left his office between that time and when he came back someone had stolen his LG V20 cellphone valued at $800 and his bank card.

The man said he does not know who may have stolen his phone, but told police it could have been a co-worker due to employees having access to his office.

Woman arrested for allegedly

stealing from grocery store

A woman was arrested for allegedly stealing from the Publix on Commerce Avenue on Monday.

The store manager said the woman, 28, came into the store and purchased a drink then proceeded to walk around the store grabbing 38 various small items mostly consisting of cosmetic products and putting them in her shopping basket for a total value of $295.42. The manager said he witnessed the woman conceal all of these items from the shopping basket into the plastic Publix bag that she got from purchasing the drink. The manager said that the woman noticed him watching her and left the store without the bag of items. He made contact with her as she left.

The woman told police that she did conceal the items in the shopping bag with the intent to steal them but changed her mind and left the store.

Another store employee said he saw the woman place an item that appeared to be a couple inches in length and dark in color into the personal bag that she had with her when she arrived at the store and with her when she left. Police searched and found two different Master Lock brand padlocks valued at $17.28 in her personal bag still in the packages and one of the employees believed it may have been the item he observed.

The store inventory was checked, and it was determined that there should be three of each type of padlock in stock and there were currently two of each in stock.

The woman said that her friend gave her those locks to return to Walmart so she could receive store credit. The locks  brought the total amount allegedly taken to $312.70.

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