Man arrested for marijuana possession

Published 11:44 pm Friday, August 25, 2017

A man was arrested for alleged obstruction and violating Georgia’s Controlled Substance Act for possessing less than an ounce of marijuana Friday around 12:13 a.m. According to the police report, police stopped the man, 21, for failing to stop completely at a stop sign. The man consented to letting police search him because they thought they smelled marijuana on his person. After noticing the smell of marijuana from his car, police then asked to search the vehicle and he refused and tried running away from them on foot. After being caught, police searched his vehicle and found a bag of marijuana inside. The man was then arrested.

Man arrested for allegedly stealing from Walmart

A man was arrested for stealing a can of air from the Walmart on New Franklin Road Thursday around 12:55 p.m. The store’s loss prevention officer told police that, the man, 23, took the can of air valued at $4 and concealed the item before trying to leave the store. The loss prevention officer told police that the man was caught shoplifting the same item last year and was issued a criminal trespass warning. The man told police that his friend was going to give him $3 or $4 if he went and got the can of air. According to the police report, the man’s criminal trespass warning from the previous year had expired and he was arrested.

Juvenile shot looking for medicine

An 11-year-old juvenile allegedly shot himself in the hand at the 2100 block of Columbus Road in Valley, Alabama Monday at 8 a.m. According to the press release, the juvenile told police he was looking for some medication in his home when he found a pistol in a drawer. The juvenile was taken to a local emergency room.

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