Walk to End Alzheimer’s approaches

Published 8:02 pm Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Alzheimer’s is a dreadful disease. A type of dementia that causes problems with memory, thinking and behavior, the disease is progressive, worsening as time goes on. Alzheimer’s is one of the scourges of the modern medical era to which there is currently no cure. The sixth-leading cause of death in the Unites States, the disease slowly, progressively, consistently takes the lives of those we love. While current treatments have made strides in slowing the effects of the diseases, there is currently no cure.

While this may be the reality of the present, it does not have to be the reality of the future. The Alzheimer’s Association is a non-profit voluntary health organization which focuses on care, support and research for Alzheimer’s, and is also the largest nonprofit funder of Alzheimer’s research. Simply, the Alzheimer’s Association is actively and aggressively funding research to find a cure for this disease.

One of the funding vehicles for the Alzheimer’s Association is the Walk to End Alzheimer’s, which take place all over the country during the months of September and October. Locally, Vernon Woods Retirement Community will be hosting the LaGrange walk in 2017 on Sept. 16. The LaGrange walk has a fundraising goal of $50,000, and as of Sept. 6, had raised $22,222, 42 percent of the way to goal. While fundraising efforts do not stop until the end of the calendar year, this is a great opportunity for the community to financially support research dedicated toward the eradication of one of the modern worlds’ worst diseases.

The walk itself will be less than two miles, beginning at Vernon Woods Retirement Community. From a logistical standpoint, it is important that all participants arrive at 8:30 a.m. to register if they have not pre-registered. All participants are asked to park at Enoch Callaway Cancer Clinic, located on Medical Drive directly across Vernon Street from Vernon Woods.