Updates made to Granger Park

Published 9:31 pm Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Granger Park just keeps getting nicer.

City workers recently sanded and repainted old exercise equipment at the park so that it matches new equipment. A bicycle rack, which was donated by Golden’s Bicycle Shop, was also added.

Twenty grass carp were added to the park’s pond.

All together, the cost of the additions and renovations was less than $1,000.

We know LaGrange is already proud to have the park, just based on the amount of foot traffic at any given time, but it’s improved recently.

With the addition of The Thread, Granger Park is a place most people in the city go to on a regular basis and these renovations only make the park even nicer.

We’re excited about the changes to the park and hope many will swing by to see and use the new bicycle rack and exercise equipment.