Living a healthy lifestyle

Published 11:29 pm Friday, October 27, 2017

Where your health is concerned, better is expected. I talked with my friend Tim today. He is down 85 pounds from leaving off sugar. The average American does not see how much sugar is going into his own body every day until he starts reading labels.

You say, “Jerry, it is just two Cokes a day.” Yes, it is just the little things that keep you 45 pounds overweight, give you high blood pressure and in the long run cause you to take pills and shots for blood sugar problems. It’s just the little things we do every day.

I am not wanting you to be like you were when you were 16-years-old, I am wanting you to be the best you can be at 69-years-old, 79-years-old and 89-years-old. Yes, you get the idea. But it starts with one day, and it can be now that you get started moving your body every day with purpose. All these people that have dropped 35 pounds or more look 10 to 20 years younger, have lots of energy and not one had surgery to do it.

One step leads to another step. It is not too late. Life is fun so let us all enjoy every day by being active. The choice is yours. I hope I have given someone hope to get started and live a healthy life!

You are what you eat

This will be my last article on health for a while. I am going to look at what is happening in our county. Ten years ago, when the doctor told me I would take shots each day every four hours, I stopped eating bad food, started walking and swimming. Everyone has a choice each day.

When I first got out of the University of Georgia, I thought I was smart, but now, years later, I know each day I need to learn something or it was a wasted day.

These last 10 years, I have learned to take much better care of myself and my doctor asked me to try to get other people to take care of their bodies because pills are not the answer.

We all go through life and some help other people more because they care. My contribution is to share how I have improved and I may save a life of a friend. Here is my deal, I go to the gym most every morning and will be glad to be your biggest cheerleader if you want to come and join me.

What can happen?

You may save your own life or bring a friend and who knows you may be saving his life.

Jerry Johnson is President of First Realty of LaGrange.