Shoe repair business for sale in LaGrange

Published 8:53 pm Thursday, November 30, 2017

An opportunity is here for $15,000! One of my favorite shops in town, 4 Shoe Repair, closed the other day. The owner had some health problems and has gotten older.

You may be thinking, “Jerry, what is your point?” There is a business that can be bought and the buyer can make a professional income the first year. Judy had customers mail in their Birkenstock shoes  from different states for repairs.

I have some nice western boots that I bought over 20 years ago that Judy replaced the heels and soles on many times. They will last me many more years.  Look  around, there are no other shoe repair businesses and Judy is willing to spend 60 hours of her time to train you. She learned the business in less time.

If you know of someone that has always wanted to be their own boss, this is a golden opportunity. What is in it for me? I need a  place to take my 20 year old boots I will keep wearing. Call Judy at (706) 594-5314.

Jerry Johnson is President of First Realty of LaGrange.