Pageants help with scholarships

Published 7:44 pm Sunday, January 21, 2018

The 43rd annual Miss Troup County Scholarship Pageant and the 23rd annual Miss Troup County’s Outstanding Teen Pageant were held Saturday night.

The winners, Lizzy Stanford and Rebecca Zhang, will now compete in Miss Georgia in June for their respective competitions.

This pageant gave $1,000 scholarship prize for Miss Troup County and other scholarships for runner-ups. Miss Troup County’s Outstanding Teen won an $800 scholarship prize.

As much as it seems like these pageants don’t emphasize scholarship, they do push for education.

Pageants are not easy and those that participate are doing more than wearing makeup and putting on a smile.

In the interview section of the competition, they have to answer a vague question with an well spoken answer in about 30 seconds.

Public speaking first of all is not easy for some and to do it on the spot is also difficult.

The pageant’s emcee said she could not have finished her education without the scholarship she earned from participating in pageants.

Pageants are helpful for scholarships and the women who compete are not playing dress up for fun.

With the rising costs of college, anything can help, and these young women put in a lot of effort to do their best.

Pageants do a lot for young women — encourage public speaking, education, using their talents and public outreach. Many pageant winners do service projects after winning their titles.

We wish Stanford and Zhang luck moving forward.

We’re sure they’ll make Troup County proud at the Miss Georgia pegeant.