Reagan and Trump are very different

Published 7:42 pm Sunday, January 21, 2018

By Larry Summerour
Larry Summerour of Troup County is a retired pastor who enjoys political commentary.

Today there are basically two kinds of Republicans. There are the Ronald Reagan Republicans and the Donald Trump Republicans. I very much agree more with the Reaganites.

The one thing Trump deserves is credit for the economy. Most of my money is in common stocks, domestic and international. In the last year, I have done well in the market. I thank Trump for that.

However, I also did well in the Reagan years. When compared to Trump, Reagan was a much better president. I am totally convinced of that.

Reagan looked and acted presidential. Trump’s main problem is that he is not presidential. He’s perhaps one of the least presidential among all United States presidents.

Trump told Howard Stern that he was a playboy. Well, I don’t want my preacher or president to be a playboy. The only woman Reagan ever lusted after was his wonderful wife Nancy. Seventeen women have come forth and said that Trump sexually harassed them — I believe some of these women are telling the truth. Again, I don’t want my president to be a sexual predator. Unfortunately, we live in a time when morals have deteriorated. We need presidents who live according to high moral standards.

When Bill Clinton showed himself to be a sexual predator, he should have been kicked out of office. I don’t like Hillary Clinton because she supported her adulterous husband. Again, presidents should be held to a high ethical standard.

One of the things I like so much about Reagan is that he wanted to be the president of all the people. Trump, on the other hand, seems to be preoccupied only with his base. His approval rating is always between 35 and 40 percent. I just wish he would try to expand his popularity.

Reagan was able to work with Democrats and Republicans. He and Democrat Thomas O’Neal, Speaker of the House, worked together and accomplished much for the American people.

Trump is always running people down. If he doesn’t agree with someone, he calls them names. Reagan always tried to build people up. He was always civil and courteous to everyone. Even when people criticized him, Reagan was never odious. What I like most about Reagan was that he always brought out the best in us. Unfortunately, Trump brings out the worst.