Why I support Foster

Published 10:39 pm Friday, May 11, 2018

Dear editor,

Do you live in Hogansville, West Point, or unincorporated Troup County? If so, you are probably being deceived as I and hundreds of taxpayers are.

You see, the City of LaGrange and other influential citizens continue to control all of Troup County.

How many citizens knew that you could vote in the last election?

SPLOST was on the ballot. I did not see signs for or against SPLOST anywhere in unincorporated Troup County.

Did you? I take my right to vote very seriously. It is our duty as citizens to collect information and make the right choice of who to vote for and know the facts about other items on the ballot.

I do not listen to others on how I should vote. I seek the information I need to know to make the choice that is best for me and my community.

Now, back to SPLOST. I attended the forum where County Commission Chairman Patrick Crews and opponent Tripp Foster answered questions about how they would make a difference if elected chairman, as well as candidates running for the school board. Chairman Crews said “SPLOST passed unanimously.”

Really? Most of the citizens were unaware that they could vote in the last election.

The City of LaGrange had an election.

Were we deceived? Many citizens did not vote because they were not aware of the SPLOST vote.  Sad.

Patrick Crews is a good man, but I want someone who will meet with the citizens and hear their concerns and answer their questions.

I want someone who will be for all of the citizens of Troup County, not the select privileged ones.

Our convenience centers are still a mess.

Many nonprofit organizations are receiving more money with not much success being shown. Citizens ask for information about county spending of SPLOST funds, and no one will give them true answers. It is our money they are spending.

I ask citizens of Troup County to vote for change and transparency.

Vote for Tripp Foster as our next Troup County Commission Chairman.

You may not like him, but I assure you citizens when Tripp Foster was my county commissioner for my district, he was always available and he listened to my concerns and answered my questions.

I hope this election will be run fair and let the citizens of Troup County seek to elect the candidate that will be for all citizens.