June marriages

Published 4:47 pm Sunday, July 15, 2018

William Spriggs and Sharon McLaughlin

Jonathan Smith and Brandy Boyd

Walter Ransom and Ann Delaney

Troy King and Ramona Jackson

Neftali Velasquez-Lopez and Raquel Toscano

Norecius Potts and Whitney Bryant

ArthurHill and Alice Freeman

Daniel Hayes and Haleigh Smith

Travis Gesselman and LeAnne Dodd

Joshua Ransom and Lindsey  Thompson

Tyler Kemp and Layna Winn

Cory Howard and Caitlin Watts

Trevor Woods and Marisa Schaefer

Charles Carnes and April Huckaby

Michael Woody and Aeriole Taylor

Aaron Gregg and Virginia Scott

Curtis Johnson and Tosha Williams

Donald Breed and Kelby Vann

Joshua Weddle and Candice Scott

Tobais Strozier and Labreka Reed

Tyler Blevins and Skye Mauldin

Robert Morrison and Sarah Bailey

Jeffrey Duran and Dawn Karcher

Michael Floyd and Laura Camp

Joseph William and Stephanie Wood

William Webb and JordanPike

William Payton and Mary Camp

Zachary Vollor and Alyssa Kight

Matthew Yarbrough and JanetThompson

Kirk Goodman and Sandra Martinette

Randall Hinson and Erin Lumpkin

Lawrence Williams and Danielle Thompson

Jason Cummings and Laura Scarborough

Jeremy Huber and Deana Norred

Michael Franks and Donna Leatherman

Jeremy Williams and Heather Buchanan

Marcus Pressley and Frances White

Freddy McCutcheon and Jeni Hedge

Charlie McGhee and Cynthia Drummond

Paul Espy and Kimberly Vandeford

Carl McCurry and Julie Tiffin

Philip Coppersmith and Hannah Coppersmith

Sean Huff and Bettina Johnson