Developing talents and passions

Published 5:33 pm Sunday, August 5, 2018

In the weekend’s edition of the LaGrange Daily News, we wrote about 15 Troup County students signing the papers for their apprenticeships with local industries. THINC Academy and Malone Workforce Solutions partnered together so students could get hands-on job experiences at Kia Motors Manufacturing Georgia, Interface, Duracell, Wheelabrator and Mando. Students will work during some school hours and will get credit along with getting paid.

The program is great way to introduce students to the workforce, while also teaching in-depth learning. The program is also not exclusive to students at THINC, so anyone can take the opportunity to learn and find their passion.

Currently, the program focused on students interested in engineering and mechatronics. Malone executive vice president Jamey Jackson said they hope to expand the program to other career pathways. If the program expands, it can help students find their passion and decide how to take their career in may different fields.

As Jackson said, the apprenticeships are  bridging the gap of workforce development.  These jobs are focused on mechatronics and engineering, which some students said they were interested the most in studying while attending THINC.Students can learn early what they want to do with their careers from this, even if they don’t stay in that job field. Just getting experience can help students learn what they want from their careers. 

This can also lead to careers at the company and strengthens each of these local industries by having local students work there. Allowing these students to intern provides employers with the opportunity to show the next generation what they as a company have to offer, and at the same time, provides an early recruitment opportunity to encourage students who might otherwise move elsewhere to stay local.

Congratulations to all the students, we hope these apprenticeships help you develop your talents and find your passions.