Busy times in Hogansville

Published 5:00 pm Friday, October 5, 2018

There might not be a busier city in Georgia with a population of 3,500 or less than Hogansville. 

On Thursday, a groundbreaking was held at Lake Jimmy Jackson, which figures to be a popular spot once a swimming beach, fishing dock and a paved driveway are added. Last week, a groundbreaking was held at the new wastewater treatment plant, which isn’t as fun to think about, but is vitally important to the surrounding area. Last month, AMC’s “The Walking Dead” was filmed in the city. At the time, Mayor Bill Stankiewicz said there were other discussions going on about additional filming in the city, though he also admitted he was purposely keeping himself in the dark on that topic. 

All of October is focused around the Hummingbird Festival, which will bring tens of thousands of people, doubling or even tripling the city’s population for a single weekend. If you haven’t gone, we recommend you make the trip. It’s a family event, and it is fun for all involved. 

All of that has taken place or will take place in about two month’s time. Earlier this year the council also previously voted to move forward with plans to restore the Royal Theatre to a performing arts center. There’s also been discussions regarding the PNC Bank building, which figures to be the future home of City Hall.

Hogansville, like every other city, has its problems. Stankiewicz has said previously that the best way to alleviate many of those issues is to grow. 

Although were not sure there’s any real concrete numbers to reflect growth at this point, it’s clear the city has had a big year, one that could lay the framework for a better Hogansville down the road.