Read and think positive

Published 5:08 pm Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Why do I ask you to get up and read positive books early in the morning? I want you to be selective about what goes in your mind. What you put in your mind each day is more important than what you eat each day in my opinion. If you put trash in your mind or junk food in your belly, nothing good is going to happen to you. I had my physical yesterday and my doctor said, “Jerry, you are in much better health than you were 15 years ago, all your numbers are better.” It was simple, I made my mind up to change for the better. I get up every morning, turn the coffee on and from there I read something positive and upbeat. Then I go walk or go to the gym and then walk. What you feed your mind and your body is your choice.

You can be in the chicken pen or you can soar like an eagle — the choice is yours. I dare you to never stop where you are. Be as good as you can be at everything you do. Believe it or not, at my age, I have hired a shooting coach to get a better score on my clay shoots. Yes, I am learning and getting better at shooting clays. Friends, I do not care if you’re 21 or 68, do not stop trying to get better at everything you do.