Continuing to give support

Published 7:01 pm Friday, October 19, 2018

In today’s edition of The LaGrange Daily News, we wrote about the four LaGrange Fire Department firefighters talking for the first time in public about being injured in a structure fire on Labor Day. Lieutenants Josh Williams and Jonathan Williamson and firefighters Pete Trujillo and Jordan Avera spoke about recovering from second and third degree burns to their bodies and the fire department’s and community’s support.

The firefighters mentioned being surprised about the community support and Williams said it was “unreal.” With this community, it really is. There have been community fill the boot fundraisers, t-shirt and bracelet sales, golf tournaments and motorcycle and jeep rides to raise money. A GoFundMe for the injured firefighters raised $25,000. Trujillo said when he and Avera attended the motorcycle and jeep ride on Oct. 9, it was “eye opening.”

While these four firefighters are all out of the hospital, their roads to recovery are still long. Trujillo and Williams asked the community to keep them all in your thoughts and prayers. We know this is a great community and we know it will keep on giving with support.