Bringing local history to life

Published 7:03 pm Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Last weekend, the Troup County Historical Society held its annual ghostly walking tours where visitors not only learned about the history of downtown LaGrange, but also about some of the figures of the county’s past. The tour this year was 1920s themed, and ghosts from around that decade told stories of themselves and their families.

With the walking ghost tours, history comes to life for visitors.

The actors dress up and get to tell their character’s true life story, be it a recognizable name like Charlie Joseph, to lesser known figures like Charlie Brewer, who was named “heroine of 1920” by doctors after assisting as nurse when a tornado went through Troup County.

Sometimes its hard to relate to history because its studied from a dry textbook. It’s hard to relate to someone dressed in a different fashion who lived with old technology.

The tours give people a chance to meet predecessors and learn in an engaging and exciting context.

The tours also give visitors a chance to check out what the archives and Legacy Museum has to offer.

It gives a foot in the door at the museum where they can learn more about what has been preserved in Troup County.

Troup County has a rich history, and the archives has records dating back hundreds of years. Theresa Morgan, a member of the Troup County Historical Society, said on Friday, that they could go back to the 1700s for a ghost walking tour, and they have plenty of information to keep on holding the tours.

We hope those who attended had fun while also learning about Troup County, and we can’t wait to see what figures the tours will have next year.