October marriages

Published 6:59 pm Thursday, November 1, 2018

Eric Blanton and Frances Fordham

John Little and Christina Chance

Jonathan Smith and Hannah Brookshire

Tristain Tucker and Heather Goodwin

Corey Szkapi and Alea Phillips

Walter Willis and Tawardo Anderson

Daniel Griner and Chelsea Walker

William Horton and Anna Wegienka

Andrew McDowell and Ricky Walls

Hamilton Moore and Lydia Martin

Lamanuel Ware and Laquetta Brunson

Stephen Gerrish and Krystal White

Earl McCullough and Tiffany Todd

Bryan Bozeman and Jessica Allen

Mark Stein and Joanna Danso

Joshua Little and Emily Brackett

Devin White and Danielle Bohn

Michael Queen and Brittany Morris

Cory Shook and Katie Barintine

Felipe Acevedo and Lu’Rain Haworth

William Cofield and Rachel Lewis

Dejuan Morgan and Quayana Browne

Matthew Mendell and Kayla Spivey

Justin Smith and Caroline Stevens

Matthew Brown and Alicia Hudia

Lawrence Johnson and Cecelia Andrews

Brian Parmer and Christy Hale

Michael Hanner and Aisha Howard

Landis Bishop and Alicia Hale

Stephen Brooks and Aubrie Campanella

Swaroop Nyshadham and Tuong Thi Nguyen

Gary Casper and Ryan Newbill

Alvin Fitzpatrick and Vernita Jackson

Patrick McGuire and April Johnson

John Clausen and Ellen Tomlin

Kevin McNeil and Quantarius Clark

Brandon Williams and Kianna Leonard

Blake Barber and Hillory Griffin

Christiful Jones and Katie Haynes

Otis Cameron and Annie Harden

Darren Haynes and Chelsea Turner

Ricky Nixon and Amy Hyatt

Roberto Saldana and Alycia O’Neal

Terry Cooper and Stacey Shadid

Derek Thomas and Stephanie Smith

Gregory Clifton and Lindsay Arrighi

James Chessman and Lillian Moore

Steven Donald and Mallory Caldwell

James Brumbeloe and Carrie Buck

Rohit Radhakrishnan and Katie Ogle-Meacham

Aizar Martinez and Griselda Ambrocio Herrera

David Studdard and Brandi Autrey

Daniel Williams and Ashley Johnson

Stanley Hajec and Hollie Barintine

Timothy Burns and Theresa Johnson

Jonathan Livingston and Hannah Fairchild

Christopher Moody and Nicole Laliberte

Shaun McClain and Celeste Cliett

Rebar Dezayee and Nazdar Hajiessa

Ronald Ussery and Connie Ussery

Kelsey Walthall and Chelsea Purnell

Thomas Chatham and Ashley Martin

Riley Pearce and Anna Kirkpatrick