Oyster House opens in LaGrange

Published 6:58 pm Monday, January 14, 2019

Daily News

It’ll be a shorter drive for seafood for fans of the Oyster House.

The restaurant, which got its start in Pine Mountain three and a half years ago, officially opened a LaGrange location on Wednesday. 

Peter Brochu, the chef  and owner of the LaGrange location, attributes the success of the first Oyster House to the quality of the food. 

“The key to seafood is to cook seafood right. Our slogan is ‘Seafood Done Right’,” Brochu said. 

“We bring in fresh seafood daily. It’s prepared right when you order it. Nothing is precooked. We make all of our own sauces.”

“Nothing comes in a can or gallon jug,” said Justice Noble, the general manager of the LaGrange location.

According to Noble, LaGrange seemed like the closest, most sensible location for the opening of another Oyster House. 

“From what we see, there’s really not a lot of seafood [in LaGrange],” Noble said. “We just thought it would be a no-brainer to come out this way before we moved to another city.”

The LaGrange location has the same menu as the first restaurant, but there are some differences between the two. The new location is more spacious, and there is a closed kitchen as opposed to the Pine Mountain location’s open kitchen.

“Our hours are different here,” Noble said. “As of right now, we’re going to be closed on Sundays, and then we’re only going to be open from 5 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. on Monday through Saturday.” 

Noble said the restaurant will eventually be open for lunch after the crew has been thoroughly trained to handle a fast-paced lunch hour. 

Oyster House’s LaGrange location is at 25 Patillo Road.