Never too late

Published 5:32 pm Tuesday, June 25, 2019

I have a dear friend that is 70-years-old and he, like me, has always battled with his weight. Last year he told me, “I am tired of being fat and I am going to lose 100 pounds.”

When he started eating better and walking, he got up to three miles and the weight started coming off. After he lost about 40-pounds, his walking time continued going up and more his weight started coming off. He started using a nutritional supplement with great results, eating better and the weight continued to drop.

Now, he is walking six to eight miles most days, doing light weight training and is taking no blood pressure medicine. Total he has lost 100 pounds. and 2 ounces. Most of you know him, Howard Glover, a local LaGrange High School class of 67’ guy. My message is that Howard is 70, taking no pills from a doctor and is in the best shape of his adult life. If Howard can do this, I dare you to get the walking shoes out and start walking in the morning, not next week, in the morning. 

I walked 3.3 miles this morning on the Thread. If you need to rest, there are places to sit down and many smiling faces to keep you going that extra half mile. My dare to you is stop making an excuse, get out there and just do it. Howard, you’re my hero for the month.