Three new principals adjust with ease

Published 9:17 pm Friday, August 16, 2019

As the first week of school for Troup County comes to an end, three new principals transitioned into their new positions.

“I have had a great week and everybody has been really well behaved,” said Whitney Glisson, Long Cane Middle School principal. “Our parents, teachers and students have been great this week.”

Glisson is no stranger to Long Cane Middle School and its faculty and staff.

She previously served as the director of secondary education and as assistant principal at the school before.

“Adjustments have been very easy because I am familiar with the staff and building,” Glisson said. “So, the transition has been fairly easy.”

Going further into the school year, Glisson has set goals and academic standards.

“We are going to focus on efforts for this school to be a welcoming place for kids and family members,” Glisson said.

“We want to do our best to grow academically in every single area.”

For the entirety of the week, Glisson said she was just excited to see students back in the building.

“The best part was getting them back in the building because the building has been lonely and empty this summer,” Glisson said. “It has gone so smoothly, and we have had great support from the community and parents.”

Jason Graham, who spent the last four years as an assistant principal at Troup High School, is excited to now walk the halls of Hollis Hand Elementary School as principal.

“It is a tremendous honor to serve the stu- dents, parents, and stakeholders of Hollis Hand,” Graham said. “I believe great things are only achieved by working as a team.”

As Graham transitions from working with an older age group to now a much younger one, he said he is excited to have a supportive staff.

“We are blessed with amazing teachers and a wonderful support staff that is fully com- mitted to working together to support your child,” Graham said.

Going into the year, Graham is taking a focus on making sure students feel important at Hollis Hand.

“I hope every student knows that Hollis Hand truly is a special place to be,” Graham said. “I hope every student looks forward to each school day, as a result of the exciting experiences and opportunities we provide. I hope every knows that we love them and want the best for them. I hope we challenge and stretch them every day. My hope is that we create bold leaders, risk takers and innovative thinkers that will make a big impact in this world.”

For Gardner Newman Middle School principal and alum, Dr. Kelley Adams said she is happy to see students and staff members back at the school.

“Students have been helping new students learn the layout of the school and expecta- tions,” Kelley said.

Adams, who attended GNMS in middle school, said it’s been a simple transition back to a school she knows very well.

“Everyone is eager to focus on learning and propel student achievement,” Adams said. “Our Mustang family is back and ready to learn.”