Be engaged and informed

Published 3:47 pm Friday, October 25, 2019

Active Life in West Point, Hogansville and LaGrange recently hosted an educational forum for each city council candidate to come and speak on why they believe they should be elected. 

Each candidate was given six minutes to speak and were emailed ahead of time on topics that might interest the senior citizen community. This gave senior citizens a chance to hear about candidates platforms and where they stand on certain subjects like school taxes and transportation for seniors. 

This was a great way for candidates to have a chance to get their name out in the community and share their ideas with a group of people they might not necessarily always run across when campaigning. 

Without the help of Active Life Aging Services  Director Dan Wooten, events like these would not be possible. 

Active Life is a recreational gathering place for independent, older adults 55-years-old and up. These three facilities were designed to meet the needs of Troup County’s growing older adult population. 

It serves the mission to provide recreation  that enhances quality of life, empowers independence and extends lifespans.

It is important for everyone in the community  to be educated on what their local governments are doing and to listen to what is going on within their city. 

“What we try to do each year at the Active Life Center is to provide educational forums that feature contested races, so, that you, as older adults, have an opportunity not only to hear the positions but have opportunities to talk one-on-one with these candidates,” Wooten said.