Let the halos of angels prevail

Published 6:32 pm Tuesday, October 13, 2020

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As reported in the news this week, folks are preparing for the holidays earlier than in previous years.  This information should not come as a surprise to anyone.

Most of us are searching for a bit of glitter and sparkle to emerge from the darkness of 2020.   Hate, bitterness, sickness, discord, and suffering have dominated our lives for so long, it seems as if the love and merriment of the holidays occurred years ago instead of months.

People are longing to return to some semblance of normalcy.  Most of us pray for the healing of our land, divisions to be mended, and kindness to regain a foothold in America.   Every God-loving person should actively participate in the building of love to conquer evil.  Our prayers need to be supported by our actions.

I have an idea that will make the devil angrier, but I truly have seen so much of him lately that I notice horns everywhere!

We are entrenched in a battle of good versus evil.  There is no military branch, political leaders, or groups fighting this war for us.  This battle is waged by each individual person who must wear armor constructed of goodness while holding on to the hands of God.

My friend, Bonnie, broke her foot years ago.  Physically active, Bonnie never twiddles her thumbs, so the idea of taking months to heal was daunting.   As she studied her aching foot, an idea started to form.  She pulled out her sewing machine and made an apron.  Then she made another.  By the time her foot healed, she had enlisted others to create items to be given to those in need.  Bonnie even taught one of her friends how to sew! This small circle of pals made enough clothes and aprons to raise over $20,000 to be given to children’s and women’s charities. Bonnie took a challenging time and turned it into serving God by producing delight for many others.

That is the meaning of goodness.  Charity is benevolent goodwill toward humanity.  This 2020 holiday season let us put charity on the front burner.  It is time to mend our division with altruism and kindness.  There is no other way to stop the widening gap of hatred.

Multitudes of people require help and hope now.  Children who have lost parents, parents who have lost income, and grandparents struggling with loneliness need us.  It is time for those who are well, safe, and have more than enough to openly give to others.

If you do not have the financial resources to give, can you sew, knit, create cards, or spare cans of food?  Our charity is not measured by dollars and cents; it is measured by our hearts’ generosity.  Today we should show that kindness reigns and that halos shine brighter than horns.

When my children were elementary age, I was cleaning out our closets near Christmas.  As a family, we struggled from paycheck to paycheck, but we never felt impoverished.   The weather had turned bitter cold that year, and as I piled up outgrown coats and sweaters, I questioned why I had kept them so long.  I was guilty of being too busy with my warm life to think of those struggling in the cold.

This is the year we should put others before ourselves.  This is the Thanksgiving to make sure others are fed.  This is the Christmas that we buy less for ourselves and more for those who cannot spare any expense.  This is the year to honor Christ, who is God’s greatest gift to us.

Charity is not just writing a check, even though that is good!  Charity is taking the time to envision a smile on a child’s face when an unexpected Santa arrives with a gift.   Love for humanity is caring enough for a stranger to sew them an apron or hand them a new coat.

When we are ordering a toy for our grandchild, let us order two. When we are at the grocery purchasing peanut butter, why not buy three?   When we ask our children what they want for Christmas, question what they would like to give another less fortunate child?    We can bring goodwill to others one little gift at a time.

When we light up the holidays with our kindness and presents for others, we will not only feel better but brighten the soul of our country.  The divide will become smaller, and hatred will not prevail.

When Christ was born on a dark night years ago, an army of angels illuminated the sky proclaiming, “Glory to God in the highest and on earth, peace goodwill toward men.”  Luke 2:14

Perhaps, it is time to hear their words again.